Good Will

Will is not something I have practiced often in my life. Things have either come easy for me or I just let things happen. Perhaps the one time I used it is when I made the decision to go back to school to become a Physical Therapist Assistant. I felt like I really took control in my life. It felt good.

It feels good again to have the determination to make a change and see it through.

Lately, life has been coming at me fast (new title at work, interns, selling our house, selling my mom’s house, buying a new house, wedding planning, other first-world problems). It seems like a whirlwind but it feels like things are getting done. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately (gratuitous selfie-alert):

The trip to GoodWill.

Another trip to GoodWill.

Keeping the pup busy.

And, of course, drinking. Cheers to change!

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