Road Trip – Day 4: White Caps, White Knuckles

I’m the same person I woke up as, but I feel different- more focused, experienced, wiser. Today was the toughest day so far, filled with mountain driving, rock slides causing a long detour and changes plans, thus changing the course of my road trip.

My detour off Hwy 70.

Starting out of Denver, it was a bit cloudy and drizzly. As I was actively learning how to shift gears in my car, my travels on Interstate 70 came to a halt at Gypsum. The rock slide ahead at Glenwood Spring caused a shutdown of the major throughway in both directions. I waited it out for about 90 minutes, then heard rumors that it would be 6-8 hours.

My amazing co-pilot operating back home helped me more than I can ever describe.

I ended up driving a detour which involved some pretty hairy mountain driving, but I got through it, with a real-ass map. And never want to do that again.

I received welcome phone calls at just the right time, each time. Eventually, I made it back to 70, and on to my new destination, Grand Junction. Tomorrow is Zion, Provo has been crossed off this itinerary!

Today, I realized I’ve had it pretty good so far, and pray to God I have it easy afterward. Today, I feel stronger in what I love, and not concerned about the small stuff anymore. It’s clear what is important right now.

Looking forward to Zion. Here’s to open roads!


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