Be Kind to Yourself

One of the perks of being in grad school in 2021 is having to record a podcast as one of my assignments. In my Health Communication class we had a group project tasked with creating a health campaign. Our topic was mental health and our target was first-time-in-college students. We came up with the slogan, “Be Kind to Yourself,” because we cannot rely on the world to always be kind to us. Even at universities right now, individual counseling appointments are booked for months, let alone the process for young students to recognize they need help and actually seeking that help. Students need to practice the skill of caring for themselves.

When choosing different aspects of our group project, I jumped on the podcast portion. I called dibs on it early because, weirdly, I thought that it would be highly sought-after. Turns out nobody else wanted it anyway, and I had a lot of fun with it. I listen to a lot of podcasts (less so during grad school), and have been a part of a couple myself. Anyway, here’s the episode, it’s about 33 minutes long. Enjoy!

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