Pregnancy and Parenting: Podcast Edition

In addition to reading up on pregnancy and parenting, I did my fair share of listening. Podcasts are one of the great joys in my life (not kidding), so it was natural to turn to this medium for guidance and support throughout my pregnancy and into early parenthood. Below are ones I’ve listened to, for better or worse.



Pregnancy Confidential | From the editors of Parents Magazine and comes this short and sweet podcast taking you week by week through your pregnancy. I listened to this podcast every Friday morning on my way to work. The hosts are funny and realistic about pregnancy. It also eased a lot of my worries throughout my pregnancy with the “Relax, you got this” segment. Specifically, it made me feel better to hear the ladies talking about pooping while giving birth like it ain’t no thing! Seriously, no one cares and you won’t even care at that point.

Pregnancy Podcast | Informative, no-frills pregnancy podcast. Host, Vanessa Merton, was bogged down with alllll the information out there when she first learned she was pregnant. She created the podcast to narrow down it down to the well-researched, evidence-based knowledge to help others make informed decisions. To me, it’s a bit dry so I didn’t end up seeking out many episodes. The episodes are categorized by topic, so it’s easy to find information if there’s a particular topic you’re interested in.

The Birthful Podcast | Adriana Lozada is a birth and postpartum doula and host of this inspiring, upbeat podcast. I really enjoyed listening to her interviews and implemented actual advice from her episodes. My favorite episodes were EP36, which talks about the effects of singing to your baby in utero (it will make you cry); and EP110, about dealing with family & visitors postpartum. The one downside is that this is an ad-heavy podcast.




Newbies | This podcast is a guide to the first year of motherhood for new moms. I started listening to Newbies while I was still pregnant. They cover the spectrum of topics like preparing your car for your new baby, decoding your baby’s body language, and the truth about baby poop. If you’ve done your basic research during pregnancy, nothing in this podcast is particularly groundbreaking, but they cover a lot so it’s a good resource to have around.

Longest Shortest Time | This podcast is less about advice and learning and more about the whole experience as a parent. I love the title because it is so true, at least in my experience so far. Topics range dramatically from how to talk to your partner about having kids, to unique stories about real parents, to talking about tough subjects like the double standard of working moms vs working dads, gay parenting, infertility, and accidentally raising racist kids. It’s really more than a parenting podcast and one I can listen to any time without being overwhelmed with advice.

Parenting Great Kids with Meg Meeker | Meg Meeker is a pediatrician and part of the Dave Ramsey family of products; that is, a Christian lifestyle influencer. Her podcast is very positive and a breath of fresh air when you’re feeling down as a parent. At the beginning of each episode, Meeker gives something of a pep talk that just makes you feel good. The rest of her podcast is interview-style with a guest. The reason I don’t listen to this podcast so much is that after listening to two episodes back-to-back, the information was in such direct contradiction that it made me confused and unsure. I listened to Episode #49: Motherhood and Being Present for your Kids, and Episode #50: Finding Balance for Working Moms.  The term “kids are resilient” was mentioned in both episodes. The first episode had research that backed up that kids are not so resilient when without their parent, while the second episode mentioned that phrase when talking about leaving kids in daycare. Dr. Meeker agreed with both guests. You can imagine how torn I was hearing those conflicting opinions while I was in the midst of making the daycare decision for my own child. It’s worth a listen, it has great topics, just keep in mind that each guest comes from a different school of thought.

One Bad Mother | If you want to blow off some mommy steam, this is the f#%&ing podcast for you! Biz and Theresa are two moms who talk very honestly about how unnatural and un-magical motherhood can really be. They share their wins and embarrassments, met with love and support for one another. That’s how it should be! Each episode has an interview and ends with real moms calling in with genius moments and embarrassing fails. As they say in each episode, they strive for “less judging and more laughing.” 

That’s plenty of podcasting for you! Speaking of which, I do recommend downloading your fair share of non-pregnancy/parenting, silly podcasts to take your mind off of those spinning thoughts you’ve got going in your head. Happy listening!