About Me Lately

Update: Baby Hannah is here and sweet as can be! The following post was written on my due date and the day I went into labor.

There have been so many changes here on the home front lately:  a lot less traveling and a lot more planning, working, and growing. I’m currently 40 weeks pregnant and experiencing all the feelings that go along with it. I am first and foremost super excited about what’s to come! Amid the excitement are feelings of worry, fear, glee, dread, amazement, and longing. You know, normal stuff.


I’ve found myself feeling a bit trapped the past few weeks; trapped in my body, trapped in my job, and trapped in this new life trajectory. I think it’s just a sign that I’m ready (in a sense) to meet this little person and start the next chapter of my family’s life. In many ways, I’m not ready. Putting together the nursery, reading all the pregnancy books, and buying all of the things needed for a baby doesn’t really make you ready. I’m finding out that nothing does.

Pregnancy is the ultimate slow burn. It’s a very strange feeling to know that a big, impending change is coming. I’m at the point where I know it’s coming, although it hasn’t fully sunken in yet, there’s nothing left to do and nothing I can really do about it but try to enjoy some time to myself. I’m eager to start this next step and see how awesome our little girl is.

In the next several posts I will look back at my pregnancy to share my experience and what I’ve learned.


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