Touching Base

It’s nice to touch base. This blog, for instance, is a nice pause in an otherwise bustling week. I’m at my mom’s house in Lake Mary which feels really relaxing to me. 

Mom has donated, sold or thrown away nearly 30+ years of stuff. It’s hard on all of us, but I home it’s also cleansing and somewhat of a relief for her. In time the house in which I grew up will belong to some other family and no long my home base. 

A place can feel a certain way but after all it’s just another thing. The energy we give to it gives it significance. It’s how we feel when we’re there: the good, the bad, the stare-into-the-woods of it all. Sorry, I got distracted.

Time stood still for a while but things are being brought up to speed, myself included.

I’m looking forward to making a new base, one I can help make my own all over again.

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