Road Trip – Days 7 & 8

Sunday, I was able to slow down a bit and hang out in Flagstaff, which is a pretty neat town. There were so many things to take care of, and I tended to think of everything while driving, so it was refreshing to get a chance to sit down and cross things off the old to-do list.

Around 11AM, I took off east to Albuquerque. The 4.5-hour drive dragged. The anticipation of an 8-hour drive the next day put me even more on edge. I took the day off with some great FaceTime, and tacos and beer didn’t hurt either.

Monday, I got a very early start out of Albuquerque and into Roswell pretty early. Planning this stop, Roswell on the map looked pretty podunk but I was pleasantly surprised. I spotted more flies than aliens, but it was a good stop.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Austin and reunited with my partner in crime! This alone stuff is getting old.

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