Road Trip – Day 1

So much for a pre-road trip check-list/preparation guide, I’m one day into my road trip to Utah. I realized today that I cannot give adequate preparation advice before implementing my own efforts to plan for this 12-day journey. And I already have some lessons learned.

1. On being spontaneous. It sounds like a good idea, but if being a free spirit is truly not in your nature (no matter how much you want to think it is), then some planning ahead will save you from a lot of anxiety. Being on this trip solo, it’s nice to have a physical address as a destination. Although booking on the spot should never be a problem when getting into a town, the thought caused more stress than I realized. The plan now is to book one night ahead.

2. Going it alone is lonely. That’s if you don’t have an amazing support system of friends and loved ones just a phone call away. Or a Facebook post, or text away. It makes it even better when your amazing support system makes you CDs of podcasts, music, stand-up comedy to add to your audio books and music of your own. Having a familiar voice in the car (as in the case of my friend’s podcast), or having an arrangement selected by a loved one can make you feel right at home. Snacks are much appreciated too.

3. Don’t freak out. If you must freak out, take care of it before the trip. I got mine out of the way two days before and I felt so much better. The stages of pre-road trip freakout are panic, denial, bargaining, fear, and crying. If you go through these before you pull out of your garage, you’ll be set up for success. It helped me deal with winding mountain roads, a blinding down pour, and the fact that most everyone you know and love is getting farther and farther away.

Storms and flash-floods have spoiled my plans of exploring downtown Nashville, but being forced into my pajamas is not so bad. Looking forward to a shorter drive tomorrow to Topeka, KS.

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